Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to my Travel Guide to Life!

Life is a journey - a journey which consists of many destinations or goals that we set to accomplish. Goals that when achieved make us happy and fulfilled. But can these achievements make us permanently happy?

Welcome to my travel guide! This travel guide is not the ordinary travel guide that you might expect. It is not merely a travel guide to beautiful tourist spots in the world, but a travel guide to our journey throughout life. It is a guide on how to look at life as a journey and not a destination. How to enjoy life throughout the journey and not only when goals are accomplished.

It aims to guide people how to reach one's goals in life, while at the same time being happy, satisfied, & contented. To do this, one must not only be ourselves, but our BEST selves.

The following is a list of categories that may contribute to one's happiness. In order to be truly happy, one must be fulfilled and satisfied in all these aspects of life:
  • Spiritual - One of the most important things that make us truly happy is through enriching our spirituality . Whether we are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, or from any religion, we should give some time, everyday, for enriching our spirits. Through spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, and contemplation, we enable ourselves to discover the essence of our being, and experience our life being connected with a larger reality.
  • Health - Being physically fit is one key to happiness in life. It keeps us healthy, reduces stress, boosts our confidence, and makes us energetic and happy. It is also a great way to get in shape, and improve posture and body language, through sports, martial arts, exercises, dance, yoga, etc.
  • Social - Love is the greatest gift of all. It simply makes us happy. Love is felt through interacting and socializing with others - our family, relatives, colleagues, partner, friends, and even enemies.
  • Financial - Though money can't always make people happy, money is important since it is needed to sustain our life. In order to keep us sane, and free of financial worries, we should learn how to work and earn money, how not to work and earn money, and how to get out of the rat race. Learn financial education - it is something that schools don't teach, but definitely is important in our life.
  • Creativity - Whether we are inclined to writing essays, poetry, playing an instrument, making music, cooking, programming, or learning other languages; learning new things, being creative, and developing our brain further is a sure way of making ourselves fulfilled.
  • Relaxation - Playing video games, watching tv, having a massage, sleeping, meditating, or thinking of nothing, can all reduce stress from our daily work. It occupies our minds for the moment and makes us forget things that may worry us.
If every week, we set and accomplish small goals in each of these areas, then slowly we can fulfill our long-term goals, and we become the person we always wanted to be.

It is important that we know what our goals are, and that we balance our time in each of these areas. Long-term goals can be fulfilled by planning, setting, and taking action of our small goals. After acting out small steps, we then slowly realize that we have already accomplished our long-term goal.

This travel guide will have entries that can be categorized in any of the areas listed above. Use it to help you plan and accomplish your goals in any of these areas. Read random entries that interests you and that you think might contribute to your happiness. Hopefully, I would be of help in guiding you in these areas.

Remember to balance and set aside time for enriching your spirit, learning something new, growing your finances, staying fit, socializing, and staying relaxed.

Thank you for visiting my travel guide blog. I hope you have a great time reading my posts as I have in making them. Good luck in living your journey, and may we all find what we are looking for in life! And if ever you get lost along the way, get back on track and remember that what's important is the experience and the lessons that you have learned.

Remember to always live IN the moment. Forget the past, for it can only drag you down. And don't expect the future, for you might get stuck in fantasies.

Good Luck! :D

- Steve's Zushi -

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